OSAKO is constantly developing new products with the best features.

Meaning of corporate mark: good! “G” and new! “N”

“OSAKO’s is the world’s select automatic saddle stitch bookbinding machine.
You can expect an increase in productivity by keeping running costs low.”

「Easy to maintain and operate」
「Tough against damage, durable and reliable.」
「Can handle signatures of various thicknesses and sizes」
「Cost reduction with automatic labor saving device」

Easy to maintain and operate

“Each machine is equipped with a centralized grease-up system, and the three-knife trimmer is equipped with an automatic oil feeding device.”

  • Centralized grease-up system for saddle stitching machines

    “Injected into the push-up part and the measurement driving part, which are the weak points of the saddle stiching machine.”

  • Centralized grease-up system for rotary feeder machines

    “Injected into each cam that wears frequently. In addition, it has a small window for easy maintenance work.”

  • Automatic oil feeding device for three-knife trimmer machines

    “Maintenance-free automatic oil feeding device.
    You can see the amount of oil, making oil-changing simple.”

Tough against damage, durable and reliable.

We have been making products that are hard to break by repeating improvements based on experience we have cultivated over the years.

  • Change from ball bearings to cylindrical roller bearings.

    Became stronger by improving the part of the saddle stitching machine where the load is likely to be applied.

  • Change from ball bearing to rod end.

    Now more durable with an improved parts replacement cycle.

  • Uses an oilless slide plate.

    “Durability and aftercare have been improved by using the oilless slide plate, which was not used in the past.”

Can handle signatures of various thicknesses and sizes

“Handles from A6 size to A3 size, and the center cut device can handle up to 300 x 470/2 mm and up to 75 x 180/2 mm.
Options such as an air-blown blade are available for thin paper and tabloids. “

  • Air blow guide

    For signatures tabloids that are difficult to open and hang on the rail, an air-blow guide can be used to hang so that it sticks to the rail.

  • Center cut device

    “Cuts the center of the top and the bottom at the same time in the process of two-up binding.
    Two books are completed in one rotation, doubling the production.
    We have a large selection of center cut widths.”

  • Arm brush

    As the signatures overlap, there will be a gap. If it cannot be fixed with a normal leaf spring method, an arm brush is used to correct the misalignment.

Cost reduction with automatic labor saving device

Highly efficient work is possible using the latest electronics.

  • Misfeed device

    By using the misfeed device, if the paper feed is missed the paper will not be fed from the next feeder or the one after the next , thus reducing repair work.

  • Automatic size setting

    The automatic size setting system shortens time changing trays, and can set the mission of the rotary feeder, the signature scanner, the caliper device, and the size change of the three-knife trimmer machine in a continuous flow.

  • NG monitor screen

    With the NG monitor, you can monitor which inspection device is detecting the malfunction and identify the problem.