Tener Alpha

High-end saddle stitching machine with advanced productivity and automation. Full automatic ultra-high speed saddle stitching machine line.

Tener is a high-end saddle stich book binding machine that improves bookbinding efficiency by enhancing inspection equipment and automation with additional expanded value as a bookbinding machine for the next-generation of bookbinding.

Special features of Tener / Tener Alpha

Equipped with a 7-inch high-resolution touch panel.
Digital caliper.
Has a system that allows both mechanical calipers and digital calipers to be double-checked.
Misfeed control device.
By using the misfeed device, if the paper feed is missed the paper will not be fed from the next feeder or the one after the next , thus reducing repair work.
Remote control box.
Can be operated or inched remotely by a wireless remote box.

Dimensional drawing

Three-knife trimmer machine style

Cutting size (fore edge x top and bottom) Maximum 300 x 470 mm Minimum 75 x 110 mm
Maximum cutting thickness 10mm
Center cut cutting size Maximum 300 x 470/2 mm Minimum 85 x 180/2
Cut width 0.4~16mm
Center cut thickness 5mm
Main motor 7.5kw (up to 10 rotary feeder machines) 11kw (11 to 15 rotary feeder machines)
Cutting part jam detector
Center cut device
2-hole drilling device
1-hole drilling device
Dust collector

Rotary feeder machine style

Automatic paper feed Maximum 320 x 480 mm Minimum 95 x 100 mm
Misfeed control
Synchro start and stop
Dropping system
Fluorescent lighting
Paging disorder inspection device (CCD camera)

Saddle stitching machine

5-inch color touch panel monitor
Automatic size setting
Wire monitor device
Automatic setting signature scanner device
Digital caliper
Intensive grease-up system
"Remote control "
Maximum mechine speed 12000 rotations / hour

● Standard equipment ◎ Option
* ①: 75 x 100 mm when small size stopper is attached.
* ②: When the optional small size stopper is attached, forward lap is 75 x 105 mm, the reverse lap is 85 x 105 mm, and the soccer opening is 80 x 105 mm.

Model name S80AS S80A S80B S50 S45 S80R
Maximum binding width (mm)
wire width (mm) 13 13 15 13 11 13
binding interval (mm) 80 80 80 58 45 80
maximum number of mountings (mm)