Automation, productivity, and cost performance triple-feature. Middle class saddle stitching machine. Full automatic high-speed saddle stitching machine line.

A middle-end saddle stitching book binding machine line that fills the space between Tener Alpha and 368.
It combines OSAKO's "generality," "ease of use," "price," and "reliability."
Estar is a saddle stitch book binding line developed based on these four concepts.

Special features of Estar

Equipped with a 5-inch monitor
System that can quickly monitor the machine operation settings, the signature scanner device, the wire monitor device, etc.
820 model feeder manufactured based on 821B
An 820 model feeder that can be used almost the same as the 821 model. Equipped with a mission that can switch the rotation to 1: 1/2.
Handles up to A3 size while keeping costs low.
Wire monitor device is installed as standard equipment.
Handles up to A4 size while keeping costs low.
Automatic signature scanner setting is installed as standard equipment.

Dimensional drawing

Saddle stitch book binding machine

Machine speed Maximum 12,000 rotations / hour
Hand-feeding Maximum 375 x 400 mm
Automatic paper feeding Maximum 320 x 480 mm Minimum 95 x 100 mm
Cutting size Maximum 300 x 450 mm Minimum 90 x 120 mm Cutting thickness 1 to 14 mm
Center cutting device cut dimensions Maximum 300 x 450/2 mm Minimum 105 x 275/2 mm
Maximum cutting thickness 6mm Standard center cut 0,4,6mm in width