OSAKO's long-selling product boasts stable workability and high productivity at high speed rotation.

The 368 type all-automatic high-speed saddle stitchbook binding machine is made in pursuit of high productivity with an emphasis on the safety and ease of use of the operators.

The special features of 368

Centralized control monitor
Operation panel with monitor can set all machine operations.
305 model folder feeder machine
Covers once needed to be folded with the folding machine as a previous process before putting them on the rotary feeder machine, but this folding process becomes unnecessary with the 305 model.
821B model rotary feeder machine
Low table so that the operator can easily place the signature. Additionally it is equipped with a powerful drum mechanism which can mount in a large amount of 400 mm, and leads to labor-saving.
323 model three-knife trimmer machine
We promise ease of use and high-precision cutting. This is a versatile cutting machine that can be applied from small size bookbinding to large size bookbinding in the cutting process.
Conveyor belt
Small (1002mm), Medium (1300mm), and Large (1690mm) sizes are available.
203TA Cross Stacker
Equipped with a 5-inch color touch panel monitor. On board PCL enables a number of stack cutting settings and allows greater flexibility.

Dimensional drawing

Saddle stitching machine

Machine speed Maximum 12,000 rotations / hour
Hand-feeding Maximum 375 x 400 mm
Automatic paper feeding Maximum 320 x 480 mm Minimum 95 x 100 mm
Cutting size Maximum 300 x 450 mm Minimum 90 x 120 mm Cutting thickness 1 to 12 mm
Cutting dimension of the center cutting device Maximum 300 x 450/2 mm Minimum 105 x 275/2 mm
Maximum cutting thickness 6mm Standard center cutting 0,4,6mm in width

Types of the sticher

S80AS S80B S50 S45 S80R
Maximum binding width 7mm 7mm 5mm 3mm 3mm
crown width binding interval 13mm 15mm 13mm 13mm 13mm
binding interval (mm) 80mm 80mm 58mm 58mm 80mm
number of attachments 1~4 1~4 1~6 1~8 1~4