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Automatic saddle stitching book binding system

Other products <OSAKO’s original Special items and affiliated device>

[Easy, user-friendly operation and less maintenance workload] [Well built, no breakdown, durable and reliable] [Versatile for a variety of book/signature products, having large range of thickness and size] [Cost saving and less working burden due to labor-saving automation] ‒ These are 4 reasons why clients choose OSAKO, the essence of machinery quality.. OSAKO’S competitive advantage is its reliability, which earns the trust and satisfaction that clients have come to expect, ultimately making OSAKO a globally recognized brand.

Automatic saddle stitching book binding system

“Tener”is the highest-end premium product of automatic saddle stitching line which is innovated to pursue value-added concept with labor-saving automation device supported with versatile devices, such as, product defect detector/ejector, etc., well-considered book binding process.

High speed production with stable operability is embodied. This is the OSAKO’s flag-ship. Safety and user-friendly operation allow flexible utility to handle various signature products even with different size and enable to save make-ready and conversion time with quick action. The proof of OSAKO’s dependability is our constant innovative pursuit of high quality machines for over 30 years.

Positioning as middle class model between Micro, 368 and Tener
OSAKO’s [Versatility] [User-friendliness ] [ Reasonable pricing ] [Reliability]
All is embodied.
ESTAR is developed and designed with 4 basic pillars concepts.

Applying variety range of products, such as, small books like A6, A5 , A4 Magazine size and larger format like B4 news paper inserts/flyers. OSAKO don’t compromise its quality despite such a compact model. We pay attention to overall investment effect, with a balance of cost effect and space saving. This is the basic standard model with reasonable pricing.

Other products <OSAKO’s original Special items and affiliated device>

In this picture(★), the bottom book is trimmed with a device cutter, and no chipping can be seen.

This folder feeder is able to fold thicker covers.

What is“Reverse Stitching (back stitching) processing ”machine ?
⇒Epoch-making OSAKO original patented design
<Beautiful finish ,easy opening book><High quality finishes preventing from unwiring and fraying of stitching wire >, <Reader friendly and safety to protect a reader’s ( Children’s ) finger on Children books>
One and only stitching system in the book bindery industry

Just released One and only special technology in the industry! It can detect and eject defected books caused by trimming error defects, dog-ear, corner cut error on the spine, etc. It can detect even on high speed trimming process on a 3-knife trimmer. The mechanism is that the detecting scanner head sensor detects defected book when trimmed with knife movement up and down to follow. So, the durability is superior. ☆ Also, this device can be adopted with retrofitting modification kit onto installed machines in Customer’s premise.

When user's factory floor space is small and limited in his factory house, it is difficult to spare layout with full line saddle stitching system along with the 3-knife trimmer combined.
In case of that, the 3-knife trimmer allows to independently layout in a space efficiently separated from the saddle stitching system line with this 3-knife trimmer called OTF accommodates an independent feeder unit and can be operated with high production speed handling signature one by one to be fed,and precisely stacked on as a completed book to be trimmed.
In general, comparatively rather than a trimmer system adopted with perfect binder, which handles to trim numerous stacked books together, It is more advantageous that it can more efficiently process precise trimming with higher speed performance.
Moreover, whatever book processed with any, saddle stitching or perfecting gluing book binding, such books can be processed in versatile way.